Hello ^.^

My name is Mihai Caluseriu. I am an award winning creative with global experience in online advertising, interactive design, and information architecture. more

3D Renders

3D visuals in Cinema4D commisioned for various projects

Event | Accelerate your business growth at lightning speed

Created for Microsoft in 2018 with Conversion

RoboHub Imagined Space for Microsoft

Decoration ideas and 3D design, created in 2018 with Conversion

Oriflame - Beauty as I am

Video manifesto created with Conversion in 2018

Take it PURSEnally

Weight loss campaign for Silfide by Alevia, created in 2017 with Conversion

90 Days in Oriflame

Lyric video designed and animated in 2017 for 6 markets, with Conversion

Twelp - car mechanics for help

App campaign created in 2017 with Conversion

Convention Space

Conversion space for GPEC in 2017, created in 3D

Abis Studios

Website created with Conversion in February 2015

Fortuna - the Final Whistle

Sports bet concept proposals proposals created with Conversion Marketing in September 2015

Oriflame - The Magical Countdown to Christmas

Facebook App created with Conversion Marketing in 2014, available for 14 countries across Europe.

Flanco Mobile

Responsive design for Flanco website, created in 2014 with Conversion Marketing

Depanero - Facebook Apps

Depanero launch campaign for digital created in 2014 with Conversion Marketing

Oriflame - Mother and Daughter

Mama si fiica - o legatura unica

X Factor Romania Website

June 2011 w/ Intact Interactive

Next Top Models by Catalin Botezatu

October 2011 w/ Intact Interactive

Sex Predictor Facebook & Iphone App

May 2013 w/ Hyperactive & Mobileworks

Bephanten - Academia de super-eroi

Pitch proposal July 2012 w/ Hyperactive

UPC - Fiber You

July 2012 w/ Hyperactive

Aqua Carpatica Blog

February 2012

Infografic - Depozitul de 10

Statistical data in a fancy visual concept

Nikonisti.ro - Community platform

Pitch Proposal August 2012 w/ Hyperactive

Alfredo Foods

December 2011

UPC - Fiber Power

October 2012 w/ Hyperactive

F64 - Redesign

Pitch proposal August 2012 w/ Hyperactive

Coca Cola - Coke Brrr

july 2009 w/ MRM & McCann Erickson

Becks - Day vs night

Facebook App June 2012 w/ Hyperactive

Coca Cola - 125 Aniversary

April 2011 w/ MRM & McCann Erickson

Wordpress blog theme

September 2011

Nescafe 3in1 - Omoara plictiseala

DIY website with a funny twist: use the schissor to cut the website and reveal a freebie!

May 2009 w/ MRM & McCann Erickson

Mobil 1 Desktop App

Created in 2009 with MRM / McCann